Custom Analytics & Managed datalab

Through RICH IT’s Alfred

We join our customers in their journey of discovery and information value operation

RICH IT’s Alfred is a managed service that allows to have a full data science or data engineering equipment. Each analytic cell is able to assist a project at a time delivering continuous value.

Each cell consists of a data scientist that uses any specialized resource needed according to the stage of the analytical cycle or architecture component. For example, data engineer, data architect, software developer, visualization expert, etc.

Data Engineering

  • SAS Migration, MATLab, SPSS, STATA to R, Spark or Hadoop
  • Datawarehouse migration, MPP and OLAP to Hadoop tools
  • Data integration, ETL processes, Datamart, outline, quality and data cleansing. Migrations to SQL Server 2016
  • Architecture, design and implementation of Kappa and Lambda architectures for real time analysis and processes by batches
  • JS for Front End and data visualization with D3 or visualizers such as PoweBI, QlickView and Tableau

Data Science

  • Development and proposals for the solution of a data science or Big Data problem
  • Implementation and development of the CRISP DM process or Team Data Science Process
  • Predictive model development
  • Assessment of statistical and computer models.
  • Implementation of data transformation processes, pattern detection through artificial intelligence techniques
  • Implementation of cleansing processes and data mining


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