Big Data & Analytics Suite

Large scale analytical solutions

One platform for all your analytical requirements

The use of data is a priority in most organizations. However, accomplishing BigData benefits requires both personal and technologic infrastructures and specialized methodologies.

RICH IT offers a suite of modular solutions that work over a universal analytical platform: Hadoop. Through such modules, you can use your structured and non-structured data, discover insights, search through multiple sources of information, identify frauds and cyber attacks, or simply update your DWH or analytical platform for a versatile and universal solution prepared for the analytical requirements of the future.


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It observes and understands your data. It integrates your information sources in a data lake in order to generate Business Intelligence boards and visualizations. It sets the stage for Advanced Analytics future projects.

Data Integration + BI

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It integrates your information sources to search between heterogeneous information sources. Index, relate and enrich your information with a corporate search system.

Enterprise Search


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Identifies abnormal transactions in real time and it acts effectively.

Fraud Detection

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Renew your analytical platform for the data analysis global standard. Change your MPP (Neteeza, Teradata, exadata…) or Analytical Engine (SAS, Hana, etc.) for Hadoop, a highly versatile and scalable platform for information analysis.

Migration to Hadoop

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Transform your historical sales and inventory data into profit. Increase your sales and reduce your costs through this suite of analytical modules focused on profitability.

Profit Boost Suite

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We join our customers in a journey of discovery and information value operation. We are in charge totally or partially of their engineering initiatives and data science.

Custom Analytics & Managed Datalab


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Its objective is to develope strategic and technic skills for data governance. Introduce administrative tools focused in data direction.

Data Governance Aplication Workshop


  • Service levels guaranteed
  • Highly specialized and certified equipment
  • Industry experts
  • A whole platform for all analytical requirements
  • By consolidating your analytical efforts, you save up to 39% for your organization
  • Reduced implementation time for up to 50%
  • Time-to-value acceleration
  • Support from industry leaders


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