RICH IT Smart Pipes "RSP"

The correct implementation eases the development, deployment and management of analytical applications.

RSP coordinates different open source tools that allow extraction, transformation, loading, integration, standardization, governance, processing, democratization and consumption of data in a seamless manner so that your analytics teams can focus on extracting insights rather than in data engineering activities.

RSP is a platform composed of open source source tools integrated and supported by RICH IT. Its data integration capabilities already help our customers in building a governed data lake that eases the process of data exploitation according to each of our customers needs.

RSP is a highly scalable and distributed solution that converts data into relevant actions for organizations disregarding volume, velocity or variety of the data. It can be installed in the cloud or on premise from data intake through modelling & BI. The platform provides the right tools to turn data into valuable insights.



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It observes and understands your data. It integrates your information sources in a data lake in order to generate Business Intelligence boards and visualizations. It sets the stage for Advanced Analytics future projects.

Data Integration + BI

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It integrates your information sources to search between heterogeneous information sources. Index, relate and enrich your information with a corporate search system.

Enterprise Search


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Identifies abnormal transactions in real time and it acts effectively.

Fraud Detection

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Renew your analytical platform for the data analysis global standard. Change your MPP (Neteeza, Teradata, exadata…) or Analytical Engine (SAS, Hana, etc.) for Hadoop, a highly versatile and scalable platform for information analysis.

Migration to Hadoop

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Transform your historical sales and inventory data into profit. Increase your sales and reduce your costs through this suite of analytical modules focused on profitability.

Profit Boost Suite

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We join our customers in a journey of discovery and information value operation. We are in charge totally or partially of their engineering initiatives and data science.

Custom Analytics & Managed Datalab


  • Service levels guaranteed
  • Highly specialized and certified equipment
  • Industry experts
  • A whole platform for all analytical requirements
  • By consolidating your analytical efforts, you save up to 39% for your organization
  • Reduced implementation time for up to 50%
  • Time-to-value acceleration
  • Support from industry leaders


Increase your income and improve your productivity

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